Advocacy Priorities & Programs

Designing and implementing programs commensurate with the mission of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., the programs initiatives of the Central Mississippi Chapter are comprised to be transformative and address current issues, concerns and needs that impact the lives of a target population within the Black community. These initiatives include health, education, economic empowerment and public policy.

Health Initiative

The overall wellness of African-American women and their families is our focus.


We advocate in support of educational issues for black women of all ages.

Economic Empowerment

We promote the economic stability and advancement of African-American women through symposiums, workshops, and community forums.

Public Policy

We focus on local, state, and national political areas through voter education, registration, and research.


We focus on local, state, and national political areas through voter education, registration, and research.

Health Initiative

The overall wellness of African-American Woman and her family is our focus.

Very mindful of pervasive health issues that plague the African American community, a specific focus on metabolic syndrome is the focal point of NCBW’s health initiative.  Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Education Initiative

Enhancing and encouraging leadership skills in young girls. Advocating in support of educational issues for black women of all ages


1. NCBW – Central MS Chapter mentors recognize their role to include the following tenets:

  • Manage the relationship
  • Encourage
  • Nurture
  • Teach
  • Offer mutual respect
  • Respond to the learner’s needs


2. Goal Statements of STEM are:

  • To broaden participation of females in STEM careers
  • To expand number of  females who ultimately pursue degrees and careers in STEM fields
  • To create awareness of STEM and the value of STEM in society
  • To cooperate with other persons and organizations to achieve mutual goals

Economic Empowerment Initiative

Promoting the economic stability and advancement of African American women through symposiums, workshops and community forums

NCBW’s Economic Empowerment initiative (i.e., SISTER NOMIC$) focuses on economic growth for African American women.  Specifically, this initiative addresses:  

  1. Livable wage employment opportunities
  2. Pay equity
  3. African American women owned business growth

Benefits of Sister Nomic$ include:

  • Women’s economic empowerment is central to realizing women’s rights and gender equality 
  • Empowering women in the economy and closing gender gaps in the world of work 
  • When more women work, economies grow. Women’s economic empowerment boosts productivity, increases economic diversification and income equality in addition to other positive development outcomes

Public Policy

Focusing on local, state and national political areas through voter education, registration and research

Recognizing that no person or government official can legally perform an act that tends to injure the public, the nucleus of NCBW’s Public Policy initiative focuses on legislative advocacy issues that include:

  • Voter education/rights
  • Civic engagement
  • An increase of women candidates running for public office
  • Timely policy alerts
  • Position papers on public policy platform issues

Public Policy manifests the common sense and common conscience of the citizens as a whole that extends throughout the state and is applied to matters of public health, safety, and welfare.


Focusing on providing a scholarships and awards to female graduating students in the Central MS area attending a HBCU

NCBW recognizes that a college education can be quite expensive in every state. NCBW Central MS Chapter will provide scholarships to deserving female students.  Students can apply for these scholarships before the deadline by clicking on the link below.

2024 NCBW Scholarship Counselor Letter

2024 NCBW Scholarship Applicant Letter

2024 NCBW CMS Scholarship Application

Help us achieve these vitally important goals through your financial contribution.