National History

In the winter of 1970 in New York City, 24 Black women, led by visionary Edna Beach, began meeting in their homes to assess the problems and opportunities left behind in the wake of the turbulent 1960s. As a result of their meetings, they formed the Coalition of 100 Black Women. For the rest of the 1970s, they slowly but persistently worked to master root causes of issues that affected their families, their communities and themselves. They boldly began to reach out to other Black women in common cause, and eventually, mobilized their emerging stature as a visible force of influence promoting gender and racial equity thus meeting the personal and professional needs for the contemporary Black woman, the needs of her community and her access to mainstream America.

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW) was launched on October 24, 1981, with representatives from 14 states and the District of Columbia, with Jewell Jackson McCabe as its first national president.

For further information, please see the national website.

Chapter History

The NCBW Central Mississippi Chapter was formally organized on October 22, 1992. More than 100 African American women dedicated to advocating on behalf of Black women and girls were installed. The Chapter promotes leadership development and acts as a change agent influencing policies that promote gender equity in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment.


Health  •  Education  •  Economic Empowerment  •  Strategic Alliances  •  Civic Engagement


  • Foster principles of equal rights and opportunities
  • Promote the awareness of Black culture
  • Develop the potential of the membership for effective leadership and participation in civic affairs
  • Take action on specific issues of national and international importance
  • Cooperate with other persons and organizations to achieve mutual goals


  • Recruit, retain, and reclaim diverse women who are committed to advancing the mission of the organization
  • Devise a resource development strategy that will empower the organization’s sustainability
  • Enhance the chapter’s unified efforts to advocate for the identified needs of the local and global community



  • Awards of over $280,000 in scholarships to deserving young ladies attending HBCUs
  • Mentoring programs of 20+ years in JPS elementary schools with social development topics such as bullying prevention, health and hygiene, good touch/bad touch, financial literacy, etiquette, STEM, and leadership development
  • Conferences which provide tech-savvy, focused experiences that increase the knowledge of and interest in STEM/STEAM careers for participating youth


  • Symposiums on health matters
  • Forums and walks regarding cancer and obesity awareness
  • Partnership with the MS Department of Health to Create A Culture of Health


  • Summits, series, and seminars promoting self-sufficiency in economic empowerment
  • Series on financial literacy composed of workshops, seminars, and symposiums with presentations in the areas of retirement and estate planning and financial literacy
  • Collaborations with various organizations to promote pay equity


  • Writing letters, position papers, and social media digital communiqués targeting pay equity advocacy issues
  • Influencing public policy through education and advocacy during annual “Day at the Capitol”
  • Leading through legislative focus groups

2023-2024 OFFICERS



On behalf of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Central Mississippi Chapter welcome to our website. I hope you find our site insightful, informational and impactful. We hope you enjoy learning about who we are and what we are doing through advocacy, as change agents, to influence policy that promotes leadership development and gender equity in health, education and economic empowerment. We believe through our efforts we will fulfill our vision of seeing black women and girls living in a world where socio-economic inequity does not exist. ENJOY & VISIT OFTEN!

Rita Wray, President

NCBW Central Mississippi Chapter

Luigia Hodge

Luigia Hodge

1st VP of Programs

Brenda Cox

Brenda Cox

2nd VP of Finance & Fund Development & 3rd Past President

Dr. Jennifer Young Wallace

Dr. Jennifer Young Wallace

3rd VP of Membership

Stacy Moman

Stacy Moman

Recording Secretary

Barbara Monroe

Barbara Monroe

Asst. Recording Secretary

Vickie Terrell Miller

Vickie Terrell Miller

Corresponding Secretary

Wauline Carter

Wauline Carter


Ashley Floyd

Ashley Floyd

Financial Secretary

Dr. Dolores Wright

Dr. Dolores Wright


Terryce Walker

Terryce Walker


Katrina Myricks

Katrina Myricks

Immediate Past President



Rita Wray  |  President

Archives & History

Chairperson: Brenda Cox

Collects historical documents for the archives


Chairperson: Katrina Myricks

Coordinates internal & external media communication

Policy & Bylaws

Chairperson: Terryce Walker

Updates and maintains Policies and Procedure Manual and Bylaws


Luigia Hodge |  1st VP of Programs

Coordinates established short-and-long-range program goals and, with approval of the Board of Directors, develop and present programs with proposed budgets to meet those goals

Public Policy

Chairperson: Ashley Floyd

Researchs legislative issues of local, state, and national interest, develops a political action agenda, drafts resolutions for internal and public presentation, and provides material to assist the Chapter membership in determining policy

Scholarship & Awards

Chairperson: Katrina Myricks

Maintains criteria for selecting all scholarships and/or award recipients and ensure scholarships and awards are presented annually

Economic Empowerment

Chairperson: Wilda Holloway

Plans and implements activities that provide improvement opportunities for women related to SisterNomic$ and business growth

Leadership Development

Chairperson: Dr. LaVerne Gentry
Dr. Cynthia Armstrong

Identifies and studies local, national, and international issues which impact upon the quality of life; design strategies for communicating issues; and mobilize the membership for action to formulate and implement local and national strategies


Chairperson: Vanessa Edmond

Provides activities that raise awareness of health issues that affect women and youth


Chairperson: Gaynell Tinsey
Minnie Jones Erhabor

Identifies and addresses mentoring needs


Chairperson: Jennifer Roach-Reese

Provides opportunities for access and affordability to current trends in education including STEM, and other career opportunities with an emphasis on support for HBCU’s

Finance & Fund Development

Brenda Cox  |  2nd VP of Finance & Fund Development

Budget & Finance

Chairperson: Wauline Carter

Prepares the budget for the ensuing fiscal year, monitors income and expenses and prepares a quarterly report

Fund Development

Chairperson:  Dr. Beverly Hogan

Develops, coordinates and present fundraising programs/projects of the Chapter, including funding through grants from corporations, government agencies and foundations

Holiday Top Hat Brunch

Chairperson: Gaynell Tinsey
Co-Chairpersons: Wilda Holloway, Minnie Erhabor and Melony Horton

Plans and execute activities associated with the annual Holiday Top Hat Brunch fundraiser

Marketing & Sales

Chairperson: Vanessa Edmond

Explores avenues of procuring, marketing, and selling NCBW items as directed by the membership


Dr. Jennifer Young Wallace  |  3rd VP of Membership 


Chairperson: Dr. Jennifer Young Wallace

Provides recruitment, retention and reclamation activities for potential and/or current members, provides orientation to new members, maintain an up-to-date list of all members (directory), encourage networking opportunities, and perform other membership duties as assigned or required


Chairperson: Terryce Walker
Co-Chairperson: Vanessa Edmond

Plans and conducts an annual activity of fun and fellowship that will enhance sisterhood


Chairperson: Vicky Miller

Extends courtesies to members and their immediate family as per established guidelines

Spring Tea/High Tea

Chairperson: Vicky Miller

Plans and implements a Spring Tea to recognize community leaders and/or coalition members

Founders’ Day

Chairperson: Dr. Corinne Anderson

Plans and implements a celebration recognizing founding members and coalition accomplishments; holding a public celebration in odd numbered years


Chairperson: Angie Darby

Coordinates the provision of monthly meeting refreshments as designated by the membership